Infectious Diseases Prevention, Control and Cure

Limiting the transmission of infectious diseases is a center capacity of public health law. Clearly, characterized legitimate forces are expected to react to episodes of contagious and serious diseases at national dimension. The appropriate activity of lawful forces will differ as per the seriousness of the diseases, the methods for transmission, and how effortlessly the infection is transmitted. A few illnesses are completely preventable by vaccination (e.g. measles and polio), or by access to enhanced sanitation and clean drinking water (e.g. diarrheal and parasitic sicknesses). Others are treatable when recognized in timely manner (e.g. tuberculosis and jungle fever). The plague of HIV can be significantly diminished through laws supporting access to treatment, joined with measures to teach and support people and networks to execute demonstrated procedures for avoiding transmission.


  • Handwashing
  • Asepsis
  • Disinfection Methods
  • Reduce Number of Sex Partners
  • Abstinence
  • Early Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases
  • Standard Environmental Cleaning
  • Sterilization Methods

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